We introduced our product BHARATH DARSHAN in 1983 and this is one of the classic products in the Incense industry. Even though it has been 37 years since its launch, the demand for this product is ever growing.

Square Box

Quantity: 5 sticks
MRP: Rs 6.00

Flat Box

Quantity: 16g
MRP: Rs 12.00

Hexagon Box

Quantity: 16g
MRP: Rs 13.00

Hexagon Long Box

Quantity: 9 Long sticks
MRP: Rs 40.00

Economy Box

Quantity: 90g
MRP: Rs 60.00

Zipper Pouch

Quantity: 100g
MRP: Rs 70.00

Mega Pack

Quantity: 200g
MRP: Rs 125.00